Deep Cycle Batteries

Bosch L4 Deep Cycle Batteries will ensure that power is supplied reliably and consistently for each mobile application, making sure your leisure time remains stress free.

Whether you have a mobile home, RV, coach, bus or boat – you’ll benefit more by switching to Bosch’s range of Deep Cycle Batteries. With long running creature comforts such as air conditioning, television, navigation, fridges and technology; you need to be sure that power is supplied reliably and consistently for each application.

The Bosch range of deep cycle batteries are specifically tailored to these mobile requirements. Our team of mobile battery specialists can assess your requirements, needs and applications to provide you with our best recommendation from the Bosch range to keep you charged up.

Bosch Deep Cycle Batteries

Whether you prefer the water, the bush, the red sands or towering cliffs, most owners of mobile homes, caravans and boats love their independence and getting away from the city and suburbs and out into the great beyond. During these escapes, comfort and safety are paramount. Air conditioning, television, navigation, and other electrical devices have to be available when required, and without hassle. Bosch therefore offers batteries tailored to the particular requirements of mobile applications: with high capacity, exceptional deep-cycle resistance, the highest levels of safety and operational reliability.

L6 Deep Cycle AGM: Perfect for intensive applications

The L6 Deep Cycle AGM from Bosch is reliable and multi-talented, particularly when many electrical devices need to be supplied with energy.

The L6 also features first-class AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology. Here, the electrolyte is held entirely in an absorbent glass mat.

This means that the Bosch L6 has five to six times higher cycle resistance than conventional batteries, and can be recharged quickly.This guarantees the highest quality for demanding applications:

  • Very high deep-cycle resistance – 600 to 700 charge and discharge cycles
  • Completely maintenance-free and leakproof
  • Suitable for use on a seasonal basis
  • Shock-resistant
  • High energy output means it is suitable as a combined battery for starting and for supply
  • Very safe due to flame trap and labyrinth cover which feeds condensed water back into the battery

L5 Deep Cycle: reliably mobile with high performance

In the case of mobile applications with long-term energy requirements, standard batteries are quickly overtaxed. The L5 from Bosch with Deep Cycle technology fulfils the highest requirements for a high-performance supply battery: Comfort and safety.

Thanks to its high deep-cycle resistance and power density, it enables you to run a large number of electrical devices. Advantages:

  • Twice as many charge and discharge cycles as conventional batteries
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • Leakproof and tilt-proof up to 55°
  • Suitable for mobile use due to high charge acceptance and minimal self-discharge
  • Very safe due to flame trap and labyrinth cover which feeds condensed water back into the battery

L4: Full power and off you go

When it comes to providing power for mobile applications over a long period, conventional starter batteries are often not suitable. By contrast, L4 batteries from Bosch are specially designed for the requirements of long-term discharge. They supply power in those places where no mains electricity is available, and deliver portable energy to boats, mobile homes, golf carts, and so on. And they are reliable and powerful – just like at home. L4 batteries do not only deliver a lot of energy over a long period, but they can also be completely recharged in a short time.


  • High deep-cycle resistance – 300 to 400 charge and discharge cycles with 60 % depth of discharge
  • Short charging times
  • Long service life
  • Completely maintenance-free to EN
  • Leakproof up to 55°
  • Charging with commercially available chargers with IU curve

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