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Bosch Batteries for Leisure and Lighting

Being ready to pack up and go at a moment’s notice is half the fun when you want to get away from it all. Sometimes to be as free and easy as you want, you need to do some basic, yet important, preparation.

If you are planning on heading away from civilisation, or just on a short break from normality, don’t rely on an old car battery to get you there and back safely, and don’t put up with not having the necessities! In this day and age, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Battery Chargers

If you are planning on being out in the rugged, remote countryside or just like to be prepared for the inevitable, a reliable battery charger cannot go a miss! Sometimes you need to be safe, and not sorry. A flat battery is something you can plan for, so that when it does happen you can be prepared. 

All River Batteries has a range of quality battery chargers to meet all of your automotive, caravan, Truck, bike and marine needs. From smart, multi featured to Universal and Heavy Duty, our battery chargers will ensure that your battery is always functioning at maximum capacity.


Do you enjoy getting away from it all, but want to take your luxuries with you when you head off to your motor home or out on your boat? Why not call All River Batteries now about buying an inverter so you can have the best of both worlds?

Call us on 1300 255 748 for our full range of inverters that will ensure your leisure time remains relaxed and stress free. Our products include:

Sinergex Pure Sine Series II

Using the latest technology in power conversion, the new Pure Sine Series II inverters have increased surge capabilities for starting tough loads and increased efficiency with the Power saver mode for optimum performance. This new technology has resulted in a smaller and lighter range of inverters incorporating new aluminium cases that can be easily installed almost anywhere.

The Pure Sine Series II inverters produce precise true sine wave power for distortion free operation. Delivering clean true sine wave power, the Sinergex Pure Sine II power inverters are perfect for running the sensitive loads such as computers and tough enough to run the toughest loads like power tools. The Pure Sine Series II inverters include models from 200 watts to 3000 watts. All Pure Sine II power inverters include a remote control switch (Models 700 – 3000 watts).

The Pure Sine is an advanced true sine wave power inverter perfect for operating small equipment such as computers, small televisions, lights and anything else requiring 300 watts of AC power.

SiNERGEX PURESINE – DC to AC Power Inverters

Pure Sine wave inverters use more sophisticated technology to protect even the most sensitive electronics. Pure Sine wave inverters produce power which equals – or is better than – the power in your home. Appliances which may not function properly, or which may be permanently damaged, without pure, smooth power will be safe with Pure Sine inverters. Use these inverters for televisions, laptops, digital microwaves, fridges and other sensitive electronic equipment.

  • True Sine Wave AC power
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • High Surge Power
  • Built in Safety Protection
  • Remote Control Capabilities

Victron – Superior engineering

Developed for professional duty, the Victron range of inverters is suitable for the widest range of applications. The design criteria have been to produce a true sine wave inverter with optimised efficiency but without compromise in performance. Employing hybrid HF technology, the result is a top quality product with compact dimensions, light in weight and capable of supplying power, problem-free, to any load.

Extra start-up power
A unique feature of the Victron technology is very high start-up power. Conventional high frequency technology does not offer such extreme performance. Victron inverters, however, are well suited to power up difficult loads such as computers and low power electric tools.

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